Brand New To Brewers! Smith & Rodger Products Are Available Now

December 5th, 2023

Established in 1877, Smith & Rodger has continued to invest in research and development across all its sectors, leading to brand-new high-performance products which are available at Brewers now!

Discover these products in more detail:

Smith & Rodger Blockade

Blockade is White Shellac Sealer Primer that provides excellent adhesion to most interior surfaces such as previously coated & new wood, plaster. 

Blockade is quick drying, saving time on jobs that require multiple coats. The pure shellac base permanently blocks stains and odours, covering even the darkest of colours.

Its main features include:

·        Good coverage (12.5m2/l).

·        Single coat system for most jobs.

·        Permanently blocks stains & odours from nicotine, mould/damp, smoke/fire & water damage.

·        Provides excellent adhesion to most interior surfaces.

·        Suitable for use on wood, plaster, drywall, porous wallcoverings, metal and tile.

·        Covers glossy and hard to paint surfaces such as tile, or gloss paints with no sanding required.

·        Shellac stain blocking primer and sealer.

·        Seals tannins and wood knots.

·        Effortlessly covers dark paint colours, lipstick and crayon marks, rust and ink.

·        Does not raise woodgrain.

·        Application brush, roller, or spray.

·        Fast drying, Touch dry in 15 mins, Re-coatable in 45 mins.

Smith & Rodger Flow & Bond

Smith & Rodger Flow & Bond is a 10:1 mix ratio paint conditioner and bonding primer that mixes with all water-based paints, suitable for both interior and exterior use. 

Adding Flow & Bond into the first coat will improve flow making life easier when brushing and rolling. It aids bond / adhesion of the first coat and subsequent unmixed coats, saving time and money as it increases coverage (Up to 20%).

Its main features include:

·        For use in water-based paint.

·        Suitable for interior and exterior use.

·        Can be used on all surfaces.

·        Aids with adhesion and bonding of paint.

·        Reduces brush marks.

·        Increases coverage by up to 20%.

Both are available to buy online or to order in your local Brewers Decorator Centre.