A Successful Trip For The Students of Venerable Bede Academy

March 7th, 2019

You may remember back in December we told you about student Lucy Bewick who was fundraising for her trip with 12 of her peers to South Africa.  

Andrew at the Sunderland branch loaded Lucy up with various easy to transport items to support the trip out to Lesotho, South Africa and she has kindly shared some of her snaps with us from the trip in February 2019.

With a vast number of the population living below the poverty line and over 20% of the adult population living with HIV the country has seen the highest global number of children orphaned to the disease.

Lucy and her peers were working with orphaned children during the 2 weeks and were involved in painting the local school.

As you can see, the supplies of paint brushes, t-shirts and baseball caps were well received!

A big well done to all the students from Venerable Bede Academy, Ryhope in Sunderland who have done amazingly well with their fundraising and support for this project.