Hot Tropics – Bring The Sun Into Your Interior!

May 29th, 2024

After a long and miserable winter, the tropical trend is going to be big this summer for interiors! Here is some colour and wallpaper inspiration to help you get started.

Tropical paint colours:

Bold and bright colours are a great way to create a tropical scheme. When thinking about a tropical landscape, visualise the colours you can find in clear blue skies and oceans as well as vibrant plant life and delectable fruits! 

Putting together a concept board of the kind of feeling or vibe you want to create in your space will help you choose the right colours and patterns to build your scheme. 

Remember to always buy a sample of your chosen paint colour first and order wallpaper samples so you can see how the colour and pattern looks in your space - colours can look completely different depending on the light available.

Here are some colours from Albany that give us all the tropical feels!


Tea Tree – a more muted pastel lime green.

Forest Mist – a warm pastel green with grey and yellow undertones.

Garden Delights – a vivid, zesty green with strong yellow undertones.

Plumpton Green – a bold olive with yellow undertones.


Welly Boot – a green with subtle hints of grey.

Lovely Lawns – a muted green.

Swansbill – a bold, statement orange.

Carnival Time – a light, bright orange.

Desert Glow - a warm, golden yellow.


Ryedale – a bright, zesty orange bursting with positive energy.

Fiesta – a pure yellow hue, adding a lively touch to your décor.

October Scarf – a muted shade of purple.

Blissful Blush – a strong pink with red undertones.

Nail Bar  a cooler pink that is more harmonious with purples.

Toy Soldier – a bold purple with strong blue undertones.

Tropical wallpapers:

There are so many tropical inspired wallpapers to choose from, including bold prints featuring wild animals and tropical flowers to more subtle designs featuring plant life. Here are just a few of our favourites from some of the new Albany collections:

Anaya Leaf a lightly textured banana leaf features in an all over jungle design. Delicate linework and multiple tones create depth. 

Available in Grey and Green colourways.

Pomegranate - busy trailing leaves climb this design accompanied by pomegranate fruits and flowers in contrasting colour. 

Available in Yellow, Blue, Cream/White and Deep Green colourways.

Reverie - a jungle scene featuring animals with some quirky features! Spot the animals between beautifully illustrated leaves and flowers. 

Available in a Burgundy colourway.

Linnet - a bold, modern design showcasing geometric shapes. 

Available in Burgundy/Burnt Orange, Taupe/Aqua, Navy/Berry, Cream/Charcoal and Neutral colourways.

Ateles - monkeys can be seen scaling palm trees for a tropical feel. 

Available in Charcoal, Burnt Orange, Berry and Sage colourways.

Jungle Silka bold, jungle leaf pattern with a faux silk effect background. 

Available in Grey and Teal colourways.

Albany Tropical Palette:

Here we have put together some beautiful tropical wallpaper designs and some complementary colours for the full look!

Paint colours:

Padstow Pink - a vibrant orange-pink.

Waterbeach - a pale, tranquil blue.

Adam - a stormy grey blue.

Pastelle - a delicate pink blush, making the perfect neutral backdrop for vibrant wallpapers.

Flower Pot – a burnt orange-pink.

Blushful – a beautiful coral-pink.


Parian in Duck Egg - the slight metallic of the design gives the perfect shimmer to a serene interior.

Floral Jungle  -  this bright and colourful leafy design will add a real tropical feel to the space. Team with more vibrant colours and real plants for your very own oasis.

Pretty Polly - this design embraces the tropical trend, but in a subtler way. Using softer pinks, this design gives a much more delicate, shabby chic feel.

Head into your local Brewers today for more inspiration and to pick up your Albany Colour Samplers and order your FREE wallpaper samples!