What Effect Will Paint Have In Your Space?

March 28th, 2024

If you’re looking to venture into a brave new world of colour, it can be difficult to visualise how it can look in a room. Here is our guide to the effects bold paint colours can have in a space, helping you embrace colour and create a space you love.

Here we have used Albany Coal to demonstrate how a space can be affected by paint colours>>

Painting every wall in your room will make the room feel taller, which is perfect for spaces with lower ceilings. To enhance this, paint the ceiling a white or complementary neutral to the colour you have chosen.

If your room feels too wide, painting the 2 long walls opposite each other a bold colour can be a clever way to make the room feel more balanced. This trick can also be used in smaller spaces to make a room seem longer than it actually is. This is the perfect way to make a statement whilst also optimising your space.

Using a bold colour on one wall can make a room feel shorter whilst also drawing you in. This is perfect for bedrooms or living rooms where you feel like all the attention should be focused on one part of the space. 

Painting the ceiling a dark colour can make a room feel shorter. This is perfect for making a space feel cosier and more intimate, especially if you keep to neutral tones on the walls.

If you want to fully colour drench the space, painting all four walls and the ceiling a bold colour can create a real cocooning feeling and leave you feeling all wrapped up in the colour. This is perfect for rooms with lots of natural light as the space will feel balanced during the day and really intimate at night. 

Painting the top half of your wall in a bold colour will make walls seem shorter and the whole room longer at the same time. You can leave the bottom half of the walls white or add panelling for a classic look.

If you reverse this, painting the bottom half of your wall in a bold colour will make your walls seem taller, especially if the top half of the wall matches your ceiling colour. Painting your skirting boards the same colour as the lower half of the wall as well will create a continuous look, making your walls and floors seem longer. 

Get decorating today! Head into your local Brewers and get inspired by thousands of colours from the very best brands in decorating.

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