The Big Balloon Build

December 15th, 2023

Brewers were thrilled to sponsor The Big Balloon Build, a collaboration between Peanut Balloons, The Big Balloon Build and the Surrey Charity Network (SCN) to bring a balloon spectacular to Guildford.

The Big Balloon Build works with, and supports, charities and communities by creating unbelievable, immersive and larger-than-life experiences called Balloon Worlds. 

85 national and international Big Balloon Artists have come to Charterhouse to provide their skills and build the 12,000sq ft Balloon World for SCN to run fundraising events from between Thursday 14th December and Sunday 17th December. 

Each delegate steps away from their own lives and businesses to provide their skills FOC to build the Balloon World, with the sole purpose of giving back and benefiting charities. They pay for their own travel, accommodation and food.

The build then provides a special and unique event platform with all proceeds divided between five local charities in Surrey including Action for Children, Challengers, The Meath Epilepsy Charity, Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice and Farnham Youth Choir.

We were lucky enough to go and see the balloon world and it looks absolutely incredible! To find out more and experience the balloon world for yourself, please click here>>