Reinforced Paste The Wall Lining 55cm x 10m

Reinforces and resists recurrence of cracks in the underlying wall surface.
Reinforced Paste The Wall Lining

In detail

A high performance lining paper - which reinforces and resists recurrence of cracks in the underlying wall surface. We recommend that it is applied as a paste the wall product.

55cm x 10m 

Additional information

Albany Reinforced Lining Paper gives a strong, durable finish and is especially useful in high traffic areas, or on walls and ceilings that are cracked and damaged. It is perfect for use under paste the wall decorative paper.

Albany Reinforced Lining Paper is designed to be hung using the paste the wall technique, however it can be hung conventionally by pasting pre-cut lengths on a pasting table before application. Always apply the inner surface to the wall.

Before application, check that all rolls are undamaged and that you have sufficient wallcovering to complete the job. If any fault is found, return the wallcovering and labels to the place of purchase. We are not liable for faulty application. This does not affect your statutory rights. Follow the instructions carefully.


  • Make sure application surfaces are sound, clean and dry. Absorbent surfaces (e.g. new plaster) should be sized. Painted surfaces should be sanded.
  • Mark a straight line on the wall to position the first length, using a plumb line for vertical drops or a spirit level for horizontal application. Lining paper should be applied at 90° if being used under a final wallcovering, i.e. horizontally.
  • Measure and cut lengths, allowing extra for trimming at either end.
  • Apply the adhesive evenly to the walls or ceiling. Apply enough to hang two lengths at a time, ensuring the pasted area exceeds the width of the second length. If pasting the material, make sure the edges are covered. No soaking is required.
  • Butt join all subsequent lengths - be careful not to overlap the edges.
  • Allow to dry completely before applying the final wallcovering or coating with emulsion.


We recommended a good quality ready mixed adhesive, such as Albany Super Smooth Adhesive.


To minimise the hazard in the event of fire, do not apply wallcoverings over expanded polystyrene veneers and ensure the wallcoverings are always firmly stuck down, as loose wallcoverings may contribute to the hazard. Surfaces painted prier to 1960 may contain lead pigments and special precautions should be taken when preparing these surfaces.