Patent Knotting 5L

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Fast drying shellac sealer for knots in resinous timbers. Seals affected areas prior to painting. Prevents long term discolouration. Dries to a pale brown colour.
Patent Knotting

In detail

Mylands Patent Knotting is a fast drying shellac used for sealing the natural knots in timber prior to painting. Timber knots exude resin over the years and if not treated prior to painting they will cause the paint to discolour and crack. 

Mylands Patent Knotting dries to a pale golden brown colour and is the most widely used. Where a white or pale colour is to be applied, use Mylands White Knotting instead. 

Prepare knots before use by scraping excess sap and residue from the surface, then degreasing using methylated spirits. Apply two coats of Mylands Patent knotting making sure to coat at least 5mm outside of the areas affected.


Additional information

Knotting is used for sealing the natural knots in timber prior to painting. Patent knotting is the most widely used, but White Knotting is preferred for use under white or pastel coloured paints.

Patent Knotting

A heavier version of Button Polish and has a translucent, slightly brown appearance in the liquid form. The colour makes it easy to see on the timber surface which helps in seeing which knots have been treated. When dry it produces a medium brown semi-transparent film.

White Knotting

A heavier version of White Polish and has a cloudy white appearance in the liquid form. When dry it produces a transparent and almost colourless film making it ideal for use under white and pastel paints.


  • Application is by brush.
  • Apply two coats of knotting allowing 2-3 hours between applications.
  • For best results leave at least overnight before applying a coat of paint primer.
  • Knotting may be applied to both old and new timber.

Clean Up

Clean brushes in Methylated Spirits.