Farrow & Ball

February 18th, 2022

Established in 1946 in Dorset, John Farrow and Richard Ball founded the brand passionate about making rich colours to original formulations using the highest quality ingredients. This ethos has remained unchanged, transforming modern and traditional homes across the globe with famous colours and eco-friendly, quality paint finishes. Here we have put together a guide to all things Farrow & Ball.

Farrow & Ball Paint Finishes

Modern Emulsion 
Modern Emulsion is a super-tough finish for interior walls and ceilings. Washable, scuff-proof, and protected against mould, it’s suitable for use in every room in the home. From busy hallways to moisture-prone kitchens and bathrooms, Modern Emulsion is available in the full range of Farrow & Ball colours in a beautiful matt finish.

Estate Emulsion 
Estate Emulsion is Farrow & Ball's signature finish for interior walls and ceilings. Its distinctive chalky matt finish minimises imperfections, and scatters light to fully express the depth of our colours. The flat, velvety effect it creates even brings added richness to darker colours.

Modern Eggshell 
Modern Eggshell is Farrow & Ball's toughest interior finish, adding colour and protection to wood, metal, and concrete surfaces. This ultra-durable eggshell is tough enough for floors, and it can also be used throughout the home on skirting, doors, kitchen cabinets, furniture, and radiators.

Estate Eggshell 
Estate Eggshell is a washable, water based satin finish for interior wood and metal. Its soft low-shine finish brings an understated elegance to trim and furniture and is suitable for doors, kitchen cupboards, radiators, and other wood and metalwork throughout the home.

Full Gloss 
Full Gloss is an ultra-high-gloss water based finish suitable for both interior and exterior wood and metal, as well as bringing a touch of glamour to walls and ceilings. Farrow and Ball's highest-shine finish, it’s resistant to water, flaking, peeling, and fading for up to six years, providing it has been applied in accordance with F&B's Product Advice Sheets.

Exterior Eggshell 
Exterior Eggshell brings long-lasting colour to outdoor spaces with a finish that remains flexible once dry, protecting wood and metal surfaces through changing weather. Added preservatives help to prevent the growth of algae and fungi, and the resin-rich formula resists flaking, peeling, and fading for up to six years providing it has been applied in accordance with F&B's Product Advice Sheets. Not suitable for use on exterior plastic surfaces or decking.

Exterior Masonry 
Exterior Masonry is Farrow & Ball's super-matt, long-lasting finish for exterior walls. Its water-resistant formula protects walls, while at the same time offering the highest level of water vapour permeability to allow them to breathe. Applied in line with F&B's Product Advice Sheets, it resists flaking, peeling, and fading for up to 15 years. Please note it is not suitable for use on highly alkaline or very porous surfaces such as lime render or fletton bricks.

Specialist Finishes:

Farrow & Ball have a range of different finishes that have been specifically designed for older houses that may require extra care and attention when selecting paint products.

Dead Flat
Dead Flat is a delicate coating designed to draw interest. It is blended from an alkyd resin to recreate an 18th-century paint finish, and is suitable for interior woodwork, plaster, and metal.

A historical finish for exterior walls, and interior walls and ceilings, Limewash bonds to the building itself to protect your home from the elements. A breathable finish designed for solid stone walls. Professional application recommended.

Casein Distemper
Casein Distemper shares the very flat matt finish of Dead Flat, but has a breathable, permeable structure that is more suited to plaster walls and ceilings.

Soft Distemper
Soft Distemper is a very soft, powdery finish for interior plasterwork. Its blend of natural resin and minerals is designed to be easily removed, allowing detail to be preserved on intricate mouldings.

Farrow & Ball Colour Collections

Farrow & Ball Paints are heralded for having the most well-known celebrated colours across their range, resulting in a standard range of colours and two beautiful collaborations with two of the most iconic British brands. Knowing where to start with your colour selections can be tricky, so brushing out colour samples onto lining paper is the best way to see how the colour looks in your space.

Standard Range

From the famous Elephant's Breath to Stiffkey Blue, Farrow & Ball's 132 iconic colours can be discovered on the standard Farrow & Ball Colour Card. To see Farrow & Ball's Colour Predictions for 2022, please click here.

Farrow & Ball Colour by Nature
Farrow & Ball has created a brand new palette of 16 colours in collaboration with renowned institution the Natural History Museum, inspired by the true colours of nature. The Colour by Nature palette of 16 hues includes vibrant and jewel like oranges and reds, natural and opulent greens and blues and a range of soft neutrals.

With the expertise of the Natural History Museum we hope to inspire homes across the globe and what better way to do that with the eco-friendly colours inspired by nature – and we want to encourage people to discover their own colours by getting out into nature and sharing their findings with us!

Charlotte Cosby, Head of Creative at Farrow & Ball.

Farrow & Ball Curated by Liberty 
Pigmented paint colours from the Farrow & Ball Archive meet complementary Liberty Interiors Fabrics from Modern Collector range, creating hand-picked combinations of colour and print for a new generation of homes. Curated by Farrow & Ball and Liberty experts, these colours create a timeless series that pays homage to each brand's archive.

"All our collections are very colour-led so it was incredibly exciting to extend the Modern Collector range further with Farrow & Ball – another brand with a deep heritage and authority in colour – to curate an edit of 15 beautiful shades from their archive.

Genevieve Bennett, head of design interiors at Liberty.

Farrow & Ball is available in all of our 180+ stores across the UK and online at brewers.co.uk. With brand new Farrow & Ball tinting machines also available in over 25 of our branches, you can take away your desired Farrow & Ball paint the very same day. To find your local store, please click here.