Clever Paint

July 24th, 2023

Whilst paint can seem like a one-dimensional, purely decorative product, it is important to remember that in many cases, it will act as a protective coating.  There are thousands of products on the market that have been designed using the latest innovations and technology to ensure we have the best coatings possible for our homes, schools, hospitals and more. Here we delve into the world of specialist coatings and how paint manufacturers are making paint finishes the smartest they can be.

Products such as Dulux Trade Sterishield and Crown Trade Clean Extreme Anti-Bacterial help inhibit bacteria, E-Coli and MRSA alongside regular cleaning. They have been designed with durability in mind, allowing thorough cleaning of rooms in places where hygiene is the most important. This is particularly prevalent in spaces such as hospitals and places of care. Available in Matt and Eggshell finishes, you can use these products on walls and woodwork.

Thermoguard’s Safewalls system of basecoat and topcoat inhibits coronavirus in 2 hours and 99% of other viruses within 24 hours. Additionally, this is a combination system that also provides fire protection to class B rating – the safest levels of flame spread, smoke and droplets.

Isomat Bath & Kitchen contains special fungicidal components, protecting walls and woodwork against bacteria and mould which is ideal for rooms with high moisture content such as kitchens, bathrooms and basements.

Heat resistant paint, or aluminium paint provides heat protection for a range of interior and exterior surfaces. Aluminium paint can reflect and reduce temperatures on surfaces such as storage tanks. Blackfriar’s High Heat Resistant Paint can even withstand temperatures up to 600 degrees Celsius which is perfect for chimeneas, barbeques, grates and radiators.

Flame retardant paints have been designed to minimise the risk of flame spread, which allows extra time for evacuation. Several paint manufacturers have developed specialist finishes to meet this need and they are often specified to meet regulations. There are a range of finishes for woodcare, walls and metal to help you meet the required regulations and give your customers peace of mind. 

Moisture can cause real issues in porous substrates, so a series of paints have been formulated to keep water out. Flexcoat by Isomat is a premium, elastic waterproofing paint that offers complete water im-permeability, protecting walls against rain damage. 

Zinsser WaterTite Water Proofing Paint has been designed to stop water up to a pressure of 34psi and can be applied to wet or damp surfaces. For leaks, Rustoleum Fill Coat Fibres can repair, even underwater. 

Lastly, Storm Dry Masonry Cream is a one coat application that will seal the surface and doesn’t alter the appearance of the substrate. There are a whole host of waterproofing products available depending on your exact requirements.

Multi-surface paints have been designed to effectively adhere to a wide range of surfaces including difficult substrates. Zinsser Allcoat, Bradite One Can and Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch are all great examples of one can product. With these products, there is no need to purchase a separate primer or undercoat, saving you time and money.

Other Paint Innovations

There are a range of other finishes that have been designed to solve everyday problems. Thermal paint can help improve heat retraction within a room and solar reflective paint is great for reducing solar heat on roofs and other exterior surfaces. 

To combat vandalism, anti-climb paint produces a slippery, non-drying coating whilst anti-graffiti paint is a clear sealer for porous surfaces designed to create a graffiti resistant finish. 

For creative paints, there are whiteboard, blackboard, magnetic and glow in the dark finishes which can be a real talking point in any home!

The Future of Paint

As we look to the future, so many research and development departments from the major paint brands are looking for even better, greener and smarter ways paint can transform a home. 

Solar paint is infused with light sensitive particles, which absorbs sunlight and converts it into energy. 

Air cleaning paint is also infused with air purifying technology which will reduce paint odour and improve air quality. 

Smart paint is also a possibility as the finish contains a conductive nickel grid which in turn creates electrodes on the wall, allowing for trackable movements and understand commands which has huge potential for spaces of work!

When buying a specialist coating product, always ensure you read the technical data sheet thoroughly to ensure correct application. If you would like to know more about specialist coatings, we have a dedicated team on hand to provide product advice, job specifications and more. 

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