Fire Protection

October 24th, 2023

Paint has become an integral part to any fire risk assessment after The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 in England & Wales, which outlines the hazardous nature of painted surfaces and flame spread. Using specialist coatings that have been designed to minimise the risk of flame spread allows you to stay within the current regulations and allow your clients peace of mind when caring for their buildings. The topic of fire protection can be difficult to get your head around, so Brewers have a specialist team who work with suppliers to ensure you have exactly the right product and systems to ensure you meet the set regulations.

Terms of the trade

Heat resistant:

These paints will generally retain their appearance when exposed to excessive temperatures produced by fires, woodburners and bbq's. Colours generally limited to black, grey and silver.

Flame retardant:

These coatings reduce the spread of flame to give an increased window of time in an emergency situation. Ideal for use around fireplaces and where fire safety regulations are in force.


Intumescent coatings, expand in response to flame heat to create an insulating barrier that protects the material beneath it and reduce the spread of flame. This maintains the integrity of the structure giving an extended period of time for evacuation.

It is important in all cases that the manufacturer's recommendations are followed to ensure the correct performance of these coatings.

Specialist Brands and Products

Control of flame-spread with specialist products is really important, and many brands have designed and tested products to meet this specific need. 

• Thermoguard – Thermoguard manufactures fire retardant and fire-resistant coatings and will provide advice and assistance to help you comply with regulations correctly. Thermoguard will also supply certificates free of charge on completion of your project.

Crown – Crown Trade Timonox are specially formulated flame retardant paints which improve the fire rating of painted surfaces. With a formulation that offers unparalleled flame retardant properties, the Timonox range is both cost-effective and compliant with all current BS and European fire test standards.

Nullifire – Nullifire are specialists in protecting people and buildings from fire. With intumescent coatings and fire stopping products, they are dedicated to consistent research and development within passive fire protection innovations.

Zeroflame – Zeroflame was established in 1976 selling specialist paints and coatings for structural fire protection, now becoming a leader in the highly specialised field. Now, Zeroflame have developed structural fire protection products with simple and straightforward specifications, tested to the relevant standards.

Bollom – Bollom has been involved in passive fire protection technology for over 40 years, offering a comprehensive range of fire protective and decorative coatings for structural steelwork, timber, broad wall and trim areas. Technical support, specification services, on-site support and Certificates of Conformance and Installation come as standard for every purchase. Bollom products are manufactured in the UK by Tor Coatings.

Envirograf – Envirograf are world leading designers and manufacturers of passive fire products. All products are subject to rigorous quality control to ensure they remain at the helm of fire containment technology.

In addition, we can also supply products from the following brands: 

PPG, Sherwin Williams, Hempel, International, Jotun, Johnstone’s Trade, Firetherm, Sika, Polyseam, Hydron, Aithon, Dulux Trade and Flametect.

Bespoke Specifications

With plenty of specialist products available, it is important you select the right products for the job, and you are confident in the application. At Brewers our specialist coatings advisors are dedicated in helping you every step of the way and will work with suppliers to ensure you have exactly the right products and application knowledge to meet the needed requirements. Get in touch with our ICorr qualified advisors today on  01323 576101