2 Things you Cannot Live Without When Applying Specialist Coatings

July 18th, 2023

Whether you’re applying a coating to a floor, damp proofing, or applying fire retardant coatings, it’s paramount the coating is applied correctly to avoid a coating failure. Here are two things you need to ensure the right technical paint application.

A wet film thickness gauge

A wet film thickness gauge is a simple, but effective tool for ensuring correct paint application. If your coating’s technical data sheet has recommended a certain thickness of paint film, this tool will ensure you have painted the right thickness of film. Here’s Nick to demonstrate:

A technical data sheet

Technical data sheets have been written up for every type of paint on the market. Before applying any paint, it is important you read through the technical data sheet thoroughly as this will give you information on how to correctly prepare a substrate, what kind of surface the paint will adhere to, what conditions the paint should be applied in and the health and safety considerations that should be made.

If you cannot locate a technical data sheet, or you need more advice on your project, please get in touch with our dedicated specialist coatings helpline on 01323 576101 who will be able to help.