Common Decorating Mistakes...And How To Avoid Them!

September 12th, 2023

Adding a fresh coat of paint seems like an easy enough task, right? Well, there are quite a few things to think about to make sure your next decorating job doesn’t end in disaster, but do not fear! We are here to help you with common decorating mistakes and the best way to avoid them.

Mistake 1 – Buying a paint colour before testing a sample.

You may have fallen in love with a colour you have seen on Instagram, or fawned over a brand-new colour collection that is super trendy…but how will it look in your space?

Colours can look completely different depending on the kind of light and room you’re painting in. Before you head for a paint brush, grab a few sample pots of colours you like and paint them onto lining paper. Hang the paper around the room so you can start to visualise the colour in your space. Then head back to Brewers for your favourite colour and revel in your beautiful new scheme. 

Mistake 2 – Not using a paint kettle.

And I don’t mean having a cuppa between coats! 

A paint kettle is a small container you can pour your paint into. This may seem very minor, but it can make painting much easier and leaves you with a better overall finish. The issue with painting directly from the tin is that you’re exposing the whole tin to air, allowing the paint round the edges to dry and flake into the paint you’re about to use. To avoid contaminants in your paint, a kettle is the best way forward!

Mistake 3 – Failing to prepare.

What’s the phrase that traumatised us all as kids? Ah yes, fail to prepare and prepare to fail. 

We get it completely, there is nothing more thrilling than deciding to decorate and jumping straight into painting…but pause for one second! Are the walls clean? Have you made sure any cracks have been filled and sanded down? Have you cleaned again? I know you’re probably rolling your eyes, but you’ll thank me when your project looks flawless. 

Mistake 4 – Using the wrong tools or the right tools in the wrong way!

But a paint roller is just a roller?

Using the wrong roller or brush on your project can have a significant effect on your project so make sure you’re using the right ones! Here is the ultimate guide to paint brushes and a guide to helping you choose the right roller. You’re welcome.

Other key considerations when using your sundries!

-        Peel masking tape off when the paint is still wet, otherwise you could end up with an un-clean line.

-        If you’re between coats, rather than washing your brushes and rollers, wrap them in cling film.

-        Clean your brushes and rollers properly after use, so you’ll be able to use them for a long time!

Mistake 5 – Using the wrong finish.

But I can just use emulsion? 

Well, when you first discover Brewers, you might be bit overwhelmed by the amount of paint we actually sell, despite being a paint supplier. With so many brands and finishes, it is important you choose the right finish for your project to ensure you get the look you’re after. There are also many new and exciting products hitting our shelves, so if you have stuck to the same finish for years, it might be worth broadening your horizons and seeing what’s out there! 

Get in touch with our Product Specialists if you’re really stuck or simply ask in store.