5 Dining Room Styles that Will Make you Grab your Paintbrush!

July 25th, 2022

Dining rooms can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and used for very different purposes. 

Here we have thought about 5 different dining room styles and how you could consider decorating them.

Fancy and Formal:

Let’s start with traditional! You might have a room dedicated for the sole purpose of dining. 

This could be a place for you to spend some family time or entertain to the nines. 

For a formal feel you could think about adopting traditional decorative features such as ceiling roses or panelling. 

Orac Décor stock a range of elements that are pre-primed allowing you to choose a colour of your choice with ease.

A dining room table is the showpiece of any dining room so take time to choose the right table for you. 

Dining tables can be a costly piece of furniture so you could get thrifty and upcycle a second-hand piece. You could even paint some second-hand chairs in the same colour for a cohesive feel. 

Painting furniture is an instant way to add something truly unique and personal to your room.

Free Flowing:

If you have a kitchen diner instead, you can still create a space with dining in mind. 

Ensure your dining area speaks the same language as your kitchen whilst also having its own distinct personality.

Ensure you choose colours that complement or contrast the colours that can be seen in the kitchen for a unified feel. 

Adding pops of colour into the dining space that feature in the kitchen, or vice versa is a great way to connect the two spaces.

Find out how to create colour schemes here.

Small, but Perfectly Formed:

If you have a smaller space, try to use lighter colours that will make the room feel bigger. 

For a welcoming feel opt for warm yellows, or an off white to allow light to bounce off the walls. 

Be sure to keep the space as clutter free as possible and focus on the dining element of the space.

Dining Al Fresco:

As outdoor space is becoming a vital part of the home, so you could bring new life into an area of the garden that is perfect for outdoor dining. 

If you have a brick wall, think about using masonry paint to transform the space. 

With plenty of colours to choose from, it can be a great way to add style to the space. 

You could also paint your existing garden furniture for a refreshed look.


A dining room may be much more about a space to eat in. It may double up as an office, bar, craft room, library or just a space to add some extra storage. 

Using paint to zone the space is a fantastic way to create some separation between the different functions. 

Grab some testers and have a play around with colours to find the best hue for you. Once you’re happy, experiment with different tints, tones, and shades to add real dimension to the space.

5 Dining Room Styles:

  1. Fancy and Formal
  2. Free Flowing
  3. Small, but perfectly formed
  4. Dining Al Fresco
  5. Multi-Functional