Decorate Garden Buildings Inside and Out!

June 5th, 2024

We have spoken about painting the exterior of garden buildings, but what about the inside? Here are some top products to give the inside of your shed, log cabin, garden bar or summer house a brand-new look.

A Clear Wood Finish:

The Albany Woodcare System:

Albany Original and Albany Advanced can be used as part of a system, to provide ultimate weather resistance and durability. Both finishes are available in 46 colours, which can be tinted in store and taken home the very same day. The colours have been created to highlight the beauty of the natural grain of wood and instantly transform timber, perfect for the inside of garden buildings.

View Albany Original and Advanced colours>>

If you want to enhance the features of timber without adding colour, Osmo UV Protection Oil is a satin-matt finish for a natural look. Since it is a 2 in 1 product, you can use it as your basecoat and topcoat. Apply 2 to 3 coats for the best finish.

Coloured Wood stain:

Albany Masterdec is an Opaque Wood Stain, ideal for exterior use. It is a self-priming, flexible finish which is perfect for timber that needs protection from the elements. It is a self-priming and undercoating product, producing a microporous, satin finish. It is the perfect finish for doors, windows and cladding when you want to obliterate the original timber colour. 

Sadolin Extra is a durable, oil-based wood stain, offering great protection for interior timber walls. Apply 2 to 3 coats for the best finish. It is available in a range of colours from traditional wood colours to more vibrant and unique colours. 

View Sadolin’s complete range of colours here>>

Photo courtesy of Sadolin.

Coloured Paint:

If your exterior building is made of another material such as plastic or metal, Zinsser Allcoat is perfect for achieving an opaque finish without the need to prime. 

If you are using Zinsser Allcoat on timber, spot prime knots and sap stains with Zinsser BIN first. The product can be used on both new and previously painted timber.

It is available in a large range of colours including RAL, British Standard and NCS.

Photo courtesy of Corbett Homes Decor.

Top Tip: When purchasing your wooden shed or garden building, check to see if it is tanalised timber. 

Tanalised timber has been pressure treated with a mixture of chemicals to help your garden building become more resistant to the elements. 

It is also more resistant to mould, rot and insects. Before you grab your paintbrush, ensure the tanalised timber has been fully cured which usually takes 6-12 months. 

Head into your local Brewers today to find your perfect finish.