Dustless Sanding FAQs

May 19th, 2023

What is dustless sanding?

Sanding is a regular part of prep for painting and decorating jobs, and where there is sanding, there is dust. The dust that is created from sanding woodwork and other substrates can cause a huge amount of mess, contaminate coatings, require time to clean and can even have major health implications. The idea of dustless sanding was created by Mirka in 2000, introducing Abranet technology onto the market.

Why is dust such a major health concern?

Manual sanding generates the highest level of total dust in the wood industry. Dust from various materials can contain various harmful particles to the human body. When inhaled dust particles can cause long-term respiratory issues and can also irritate eyes. Dust extractors have been designed with this in mind, ensuring dust ends up in the machine and not in your lungs.

What are the benefits of dustless sanding?

Since dustless sanding is virtually dust free, there is no need to clean, saving you time and money. The air quality within the working environment will be greatly improved and the overall finish of the job will be higher.

How efficient is dust free sanding?

Dust free sanding provides a much more efficient sanding process, resulting in less consumables and a cleaner working environment. Sanding becomes a much faster process due to reduced clean up and long-lasting tools.

What brands are on the market for dustless sanding?

You can find Mirka and Festool products on brewers.co.uk and in store. Both brands stock a range of sanders, abrasives and dust extractors. To find your perfect fit, speak to our customer service team or head into your local Brewers.

What are eccentric sanding tools from Festool?

Eccentric sanding tools are compact sanders with long-life dust collection bags. They can also be combined with a mobile dust extractor for even better results.

What are the Abranet Sanding Solutions from Mirka?

Abranet is based on ‘net’ technology, which has a longer lifespan than regular abrasives. Thousands of holes provide supreme dust extraction, making sanding virtually dust free. 

Speak to one of our colleagues in store or get in touch with our help team to find out which tools are right for you and your work.