Anti-Vandal Paint

June 17th, 2022

If vandalism is a common problem for your latest job, make sure you seek the right products that can help with the specific issue. At Brewers, we have a range of specialist finishes and products that will be able to help with vandalism problems. If you need specialist advice for your next project, please get in touch with our Specialist Coatings Advisors on 01323 576101 who will be more than happy to ensure you are confident with the products you need.

Anti-Intrusion Paint:

CooVar Vandalene Anti-Climb Paint is a non-drying product which enhances the security of buildings. Once the product has been applied it remains sticky, providing a slippery surface and reducing potential grip points which would ordinarily allow unauthorised access. The product can be used on window ledges, walls, downpipes and gutters above a height of 1.8 metres above the ground. 

Graffiti Removal:

Pegagraff Hydro Anti-Graffiti Base + Activator is a colourless anti-graffiti protection surface varnish for a range of different surfaces. Creating a very hard finish, the product is easy to apply and cleans easily, providing ideal protection for facades and buildings.

Dulux Trade Anti-Graffiti Primer is a 2-part system consisting of primer and finish, to be used where there is a continuous issue with graffiti. The high-performance water-based paint is resistant to repeated washing, steam cleaning and solvent washing. 

Crown Trade Timonox Anti-Graffiti Flame Retardant Glaze is a specialist product to be used with Crown Trade Timonox Vinyl Matt only. The solvent-free high eggshell finish provides a flame retardant surface where graffiti can be easily removed. For more information about this product and how it should be used, get in touch with our specialist coatings advisors on 01323 576101 or speak to a colleague in-store.

Graffiti Blockers:

Polycell Stain Block permanently blocks and seals problem stains such as graffiti. The product has been specifically designed for large areas in interiors. The product can be used on a wide range of other stains including water, nicotine, soot, wax, rust and lipstick.

Earthborn Isolating Primer has also been designed for treating stubborn stains like graffiti. The product has been designed to be used before applying water-based products such as Earthborn Claypaint or Lifestyle Emulsion. Made from premium quality ingredients, the product has been formulated to have less impact on the environment and its user. 

Graffiti Removers:

Graffiti Wipe Away A and B Sprays are an effective graffiti remover for painted and synthetic surfaces. Use Graffiti Wipe Away A spray in preparation before using Graffiti Wipe Away B Spray. Both available as a handy 600ml spray bottle, you can remove graffiti quickly and easily.


Coo-Var Vandalene Sign is a way to let people know Coo-Var Vandalene Anti-Climb paint has been applied in the area, offering further discouragement.

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