Choosing the Perfect Pastel for your Hallway

March 18th, 2024

Hallway Paint Ideas:

  1. Pastel Blue
  2. Pastel Lilac
  3. Pastel Pink
  4. Pastel Yellow
  5. Pastel Green

A pastel shade for your hallway is a great choice as they will reflect light, making often narrow hallways appear brighter and lighter. Which pastel shade should you choose? We have chosen five pastel shades from Albany you could use to refresh your halls.

Cornish Cloud is a pale blue shade that will welcome daylight into a hallway. Reminiscent of the blue sky, using a pastel blue will add a real breath of fresh air into the space.

Windmill Hill is the softest shade of lilac and will work with a range of other colours beautifully.  

Top tip: If you’d like your space to feel really cohesive, pick a pastel that works with other paint or wallpaper colours used in adjacent rooms to avoid a colour clash! You can find out how to choose a colour scheme here>>

Fondant is a warm, pastel pink with great versatility. Fondant can be paired with other pastel shades featured elsewhere in your home as another example of a cohesive look. 

Overstrand is a beautiful pastel yellow that will provide the warmest of welcomes to guests. If you want to bring a bit of sunshine into your hallway, Overstrand will give a subtle nod to the positive connotations of yellow in your space. 

Seaford is a pale green which will bring in the natural world through light and leafy greens. If you feature botanical wallpapers around your home, Seaford would be a great way to bring them together by repeating the green colour story in the hallway.

Top tip: since hallways are a high traffic area, choose Albany Durable Matt for a finish that will stand the test of time.