Get The Most From Your Spray Machine

September 26th, 2023

A spray machine is a great investment for your business, and regularly maintaining your machine is essential to keep your sprayer working at its best. Here are some top tips to help you maintain your airless spray machine.

Inspect the filters every time you spray. 

  • Make sure you’re using the right size filter for the material being sprayed.
  • If a filter is clogged more than 20%, replace it.
  • If a filter is punctured, replace it immediately.

Keeping your spray machine in storage.

  • If you tend to keep your spray unit in storage for longer periods of time, using pump armour ensure the pump stays in  good condition. To find out how to use it, please click here.
  • In colder weather, do not allow water or paint to freeze in internal parts of the sprayer.
  • Store the sprayer with the pump rod in the down position to reduce corrosion.
  • Fasten a plastic bag over the suction tube to prevent fluid from running out of the sprayer whilst in storage.

Throat Seal Liquid can help prevent premature wear by lubricating and dissolving material on displacement rods. To use, simply lift the pump cover, squirt a few drops of throat seal around the top of the pump and turn on the spray unit for a few seconds to allow the liquid to lubricate the pump.

Inspect regularly.

  • Visually inspect your sprayer’s hose for internal build-up, cracks, kinks, holes, blisters, abrasions, and damage to its    cover.
  • Make sure you are regularly cleaning, tightening, or replacing the following components as needed:

  1. Inlet screen
  2. Manifold filter
  3. Gun filter 
  4. Tip filter 
  5. Hose connections
  6. Inlet suction tube
  7. Gun body
  8. Tip guard
  9. The tip itself
  10. Trigger safety
  11. Trigger guard
  12. Power cable

Allow good airflow.

When spraying, do not cover the pump with a rag or plastic. This does not keep the sprayer cool and limits vital airflow.

Cleaning your spray machine.

  • Do not pressure wash the unit.
  • Clear tips with short bursts of water or solvent with the tip in the reverse position.
  • Do a dirty rinse, clean rinse, and another clean rinse with water or thinners at a minimum of 22 litres of fluid.

Annual servicing.

Machines should be professionally serviced at least once a year (much like a car) to maintain operational performance. Our service partner will replace consumable parts such filters and seals (specifics differ by machine) and recommend any remedial work that may cause an issue in the future. Ask in store for more details.