Product Spotlight: ProDec Ice Fusion Paint Brushes And Rollers

November 3rd, 2023

Brewers are proud stockists of ProDec, the trade’s widest range of professional painting and decorating tools and accessories from paint brushes to rollers, dust sheets to tools, tapes to abrasives and much more. It’s the complete solution to your decorating needs. ProDec Advance Ice Fusion brushes and rollers feature innovative technology to ensure you achieve the ultimate finish on your next job.

Explore brushes and rollers in more detail:

Ice Fusion Brushes

Get the ultimate smooth finish effortlessly with Ice Fusion, featuring ProDec's unique 100% synthetic Shard Filaments that deliver ultra-smooth paint loading and release for a professional stroke every time. 

Endorsed by the decorating trade themselves, Ice Fusion is the very best in trade paint brush technology and is ideal for water-based paints including emulsions (eg. matt, silk, eggshell), gloss and satin. It also features Form Recovery Technology: filaments that remember their shape, giving razor sharp straight lines and keeping their shape after washing, making a top-quality trade finish easier to achieve than ever before.

The seamless, rust-resistant, stainless-steel ferrule means there's nowhere for paint or wash water to collect, eliminating any annoying watery streaks the next time you use it and the head is carefully balanced with an FSC certified wooden handle sourced from responsibly managed forests, so the brush is comfortable to use even for long periods.

Ice Fusion Rollers

“The closest to a spray finish I’ve ever seen from a roller” is something that’s been said often from decorators about Ice Fusion rollers, and manufacturers ProDec have added two new sizes to the range that are now available.

Featuring ProDec’s unique Fused Fibre Technology, Ice Fusion’s advanced polymer blend fabric is lint free so it can be used straight from the packet without the productivity loss associated with pile shed.

The medium pile 4” mini rollers have proven particularly popular with decorators, who use them not just for emulsion but satin paints as well, as they leave so little roller texture in the paint film that it can easily flow out to a smooth finish. New for 2023 is a 4” jumbo mini, available in a twin pack, that holds twice as much paint for less reloading.

ProDec has also launched an 8 pack of 2” micro rollers, which are ideal for painting awkward surfaces like railings, spindles and panel radiators much faster than a brush and with less wastage and spatter than standard mini rollers, as well narrow spaces that wider rollers struggle to reach.

The complete range of ProDec products are available online or head into your local Brewers Decorator Centre.