Keeping Safe When Spraying

November 3rd, 2022

If you have invested in a spray machine, learning how to use it in a safe way is very important. There will be a manual included with your spray machine and it’s super important to read this cover to cover before you begin spraying. There will be important safety guidance specific to your machine that you must be aware of to ensure safe use. Here are 3 safety tips when spraying:

Treat your machine like a loaded weapon

Extreme high pressure from the spray machine can cause extreme injury. Skin injection through high pressure must be seen by a medical professional immediately as it is not a standard cut, so shouldn’t be treated as one! 

To avoid any A&E visits, never leave the pressurised system unattended. Follow the Pressure Relief Procedure in your manual and always take great care.

Make sure you:

Have the tip guard in place when spraying, this will alert you to any injection hazards

Set the gun safety lock in the ‘LOCKED’ position when you’re not using the sprayer

Remove the spray tip when cleaning. Be very careful when you do this. If the hose is plugged, follow the Pressure Relief Procedure

Check the operation of all sprayer safety before use

If your machine starts to clog, engage in the gun safety latch immediately and follow the Pressure Relief Procedure

Make sure you’re wearing appropriate PPE including goggles and a mask to avoid contact with hazardous material

Regularly maintain your spray machine

Things you should never do:

Don’t point the spray gun at anybody

Don’t try to stop leaks with your body

Don’t alter the equipment in any way

Don’t smoke in a spraying area

Don’t allow anybody to use the sprayer who is untrained

Don’t use around children

Avoiding explosions and fires

To reduce the risk of fire, place the sprayer at least 6M away from the area you’re spraying in and do not plug anything else into the area. 

This could cause sparks due to vapours still in the air from spraying. Never spray near an open flame and keep all flammable material away from your machine. 

Ensuring you are spraying in a well-ventilated room will allow vapours to dissipate and reduce the risk of fire. 

Never spray highly flammable materials and always make sure there is fire extinguishing equipment available when you’re spraying. 

Make sure your spray machine is properly grounded to reduce the risk of static sparking. Is the outlet undamaged? Is your extension cord in good condition? Never smoke in the same area as the room you’re spraying in.

NEVER misuse your spray machine!

Misuse can cause serious injury or even death. 

It is important you respect the machine you’re using and take the time to gain experience in using the machine safely. 

Never operate the machine if you’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol or if you’re seriously fatigued. 

Always stay alert and make sure you keep the hose in good working condition. 

We are here to help you. If you have never used a spray machine before, spraying in unusual conditions or you are looking to spray a specialist material, please get in touch

Our specialist coatings team are contactable on 01323 576101 or ask for more advice in your local store.