Create Your Dream Kitchen With Andy At Brewers!

March 6th, 2024

Live in the East of England and dreaming about a new kitchen?

Luckily, Kitchen Design Expert Andy Sandford is on hand to help you realise your vision and create a stunning kitchen for your home. There is a lot to think about when designing a kitchen and it can feel like an overwhelming process. Here are 4 steps to help you create your dream kitchen without the stress!

1. Layout

It’s important to understand the space that you want to redesign. Are you discarding old appliances? Will electricity and plumbing need rerouting? Do you want to change the way you use your kitchen? There are lots of questions to consider before taking the plunge with a new kitchen design.

It might not be necessary to completely change the layout of your kitchen if the current layout works for you. It might just need refreshing with new appliances and cabinetry without moving plumbing.

Luckily, Andy can help with this step as he will be able to see your kitchen space for himself and advise on the best possible layout that works for you.

2. Inspiration

Get inspired! Think about the kind of kitchen you would like to have and how you would like it to feel. Get your hands on some interior magazines and scroll through Pinterest to get an idea of the style of kitchen you’re after. Starting to think about colour, materials and textures will really help nail down your vision. You could even create a mood board to bring your ideas to life.

Andy has a fantastic range of samples and brochures to help you realise your vision too.

3. Budget

Know your budget, this will be one of the first considerations for planning your kitchen. At Brewers we can design kitchens of all sizes and shapes to make it work for you, whether you want something more affordable or top of the range. 

Make sure you discuss your budget with Andy as he will be able to design something within your price range. Pricing will come after the design meeting so you know how much your new kitchen will cost. 

Make sure to factor in builders, electricians, plumbers and other work into the budget for your new kitchen along with any installation fees.

4. Talk to the expert!

Talk through your ideas with Andy Sandford, Kitchen Design Expert at Brewers, who will visit your space for free! “We have a free, non-obligation design and pricing service,” explains Andy. “I will visit a client’s house and put together a bespoke design to suit them.” Andy will also bring samples of material to help you with the decision process.

Brewers uses Crown Imperial Kitchens, who are a trusted brand known for their varied and flexible kitchen styling. Whether modern or traditional, all Crown Imperial kitchens are manufactured to a high standard here in the UK.

The Brewers team use the latest CAD software to truly allow customers to visualise their new kitchen. Andy explains: “We will take measurements and get ideas of layout and design before putting together a visual and sending that over to the client.”