Create A Space To Fall In Love With - Romantic Interiors

February 14th, 2024

With February being the time to feel the love, give your space a little attention and turn it into the scheme of your dreams. Here are just some of the most romantic reds and perfect pinks available at Brewers!

1. Rouge and Rose

There is such a wide variety of reds and pinks, it can be difficult to know where to start! With sugary pinks, peachy pinks, dusky pinks, earthy reds and bright reds there is a whole variety to choose from. 

Photo courtesy of Little Greene. Colour, Hellebore.

If you want to take full advantage of the whole spectrum, combining both pink and red in a scheme will create a beautiful balance between the two colours, adding depth and interest into your space.

Photo courtesy of Little Greene. Colours Cordoba and Blush.

Royal Pageant from Albany is a dark, passionate red and works beautifully with Keymer which is a deep pink-ish red, creating a beautifully rich and inviting feeling.

2. Trend Alert: Earthy Reds

If you’re looking to jump on the latest interior trends, there is a real shift towards using really earthy reds within schemes. Warmer, darker, neutrals create a really cosy space and make your home feel much more inviting than cooler whites and greys. The versatility of earthy tones can be combined with a range of styles to create a statement or a more paired back scheme.

Photos courtesy of Little Greene. Colours Nether Red and Ashes of Roses.

3. Everything's Peachy

Venetian Portico AF-185 from Benjamin Moore brings a cosy, uplifting feel, perfect for any bedroom. Team with natural fabrics such as cotton sheets and vintage accessories for a delicate look.

Photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore.

4. Pink and Green Should Always Be Seen

Sap Green from Farrow & Ball can provide a beautifully earthy backdrop to layer bright pinks and bold reds. Where you see Lake Red as a cool red or vibrant pink, the colour packs the perfect punch that works beautifully with flora and fauna.

Photos courtesy of Farrow & Ball. Colours Sap Green and Lake Red (available in store).

5. Black and Pink to Make Your Heart Sing

For a modern twist on the romantic look, using black as an accent colour to pinks and reds can bring the look bang up to date. 

Photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore.

August Sunrise is an orange-tinged pink that captures the ethereal glow of a summer sunrise, whilst Wild Flower is lightly dusted with hints of pink and orange, this unique shade of red conveys effortless style. Both colours are from Benjamin Moore.

Photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore.

What are you waiting for? Head into your local Brewers and discover a whole world of colour today!