Spraying FAQs

March 31st, 2023

If you have thought about investing in a spray machine and would like to know more, here are some commonly asked questions around paint spraying:

What are the main benefits of using a spray machine to decorate?

Using a sprayer to apply paint can be a very efficient way to achieve an excellent finish on a job. Once mastered, paint spraying will save you money and time!

What variety of spray machines are available at Brewers?

We stock Handheld, HVLP, XVLP and airless spray units with different benefits depending on your needs. Find out more>> or get in touch with our friendly team on 01323 576101 Monday to Friday.

What are airless spray tips and why are they different?

The spray tip can influence the spray angle, width and volume, so it’s important you have selected the right one for the job. Check out our ultimate guide to airless spray tips>>

What do the tip sizes mean?

The first number when multiplied by 2 tells you how wide of a fan your tip will provide. The second two numbers are the orifice size of the tip in thousandths of an inch. This will determine how much fluid will leave the spray tip.

Do I have to spend hours masking up?

Definitely not, but it is an important aspect of the spraying process. Read the full guide>>

Can I use all types of paint finishes in a spray machine?

Most machines will be compatible with water-based and solvent-based coatings including paints, varnishes, woodcare and specialist coatings. Do check the manufacturer’s advice regarding application which can usually be found on the can or on the Technical Data Sheet.

Does it matter what machine I buy?

Yes, it does! The right machine will depend on a number of factors including what material you will be spraying and how often you’re spraying amongst other things.  We’re on hand to to give you the best advice for choosing the right spray machine to meet your needs.

Still have questions? Pop any further questions you have to our Protective Coatings Advisors at pc@brewers.co.uk or 01323 576101 Monday to Friday.