Take a look at the best brushes in the industry!

June 7th, 2023

At Brewers, we like to give you the widest choice of the best decorating brands in the industry, and this doesn’t stop at paint! We have the widest range of trade quality brands in store as well as an extended brush range online. Here we look at some brush brands who have spent decades perfecting their products to ensure you have the best collection of brushes in your toolkit.

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Purdy have been making handmade paint brushes for over 80 years and in that time, Purdy has become the standard for delivering quality tools to the trade. They have a brush for every coating and a sleeve for every project both exclusively approved by the Painting and Decorating Association.

The Hamilton name is synonymous with high quality decorating tools, which is unsurprising as they have been developing and refining their product offering for over two centuries. Their passion and expertise in creating the finest brushes, rollers and tools means they are the brand of choice for decorators at any level.

ProDec Advance Ice Fusion brushes has unique shard filaments for ultra-smooth loading and release. Form Recovery Technology gives an ultra-sharp cutting line and maintains the brush's shape after washing. The Ice Fusion Paintbrush is also endorsed by The Decorators Forum.

Made in the USA, Premier brushes perform exceptionally well with today’s industry-led paints. With excellent pick up and control, the roller and brush range will leave you with the best finish. Suitable for every domestic and commercial job where a superior finish is essential.

The Axus Decor range was born from four decades of market research, developing products for each stage of the decorating process. There are standout innovations in each category, consistently improving speed, comfort and quality with environmental considerations made during the manufacturing process.

Painter’s Pack give supreme value for money as they come in a variety of brush sets, allowing you to have a great collection of versatile brushes in your toolkit. 

Our exclusive brand Albany carries a wide range of brushes and rollers, designed for different painting jobs resulting in a very versatile product range. With feather soft tips and advanced performance, you will be left with a smooth finish and a job to be proud of.

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Wooster paint brushes, rollers and decorating tools have been manufactured to the highest standards thanks to their advanced technology, for over 150 years. Wooster produces more than 2,000 products for painters of all skill levels, from DIY'ers to professional decorators.

Since 1962, Arroworthy have designed and manufactured high quality tools for the professional painter. The product range is made for today’s paints to give the best results, as at Arroworthy, quality means everything because professional painters demand it.