Enstone Primary School: Welcoming children back to school with a refreshed mural

September 24th, 2020

Enstone Primary School in Oxfordshire has a wonderful mural in their playground celebrating the school and pupils, but needed a bit of a refresh. The mural was created many years ago to brighten up the playground and hadn’t been touched since. It was decided this is the perfect time to bring some much-needed colour back into the playground. Mrs Letch was very happy to take on the project and donate her time and painting skills, but desperately needed some paint to complete the task. 

Brewers Bicester were happy to help and kindly donated some of the paint. Branch manager Vicky called around the area, and other local Brewers branches donated the rest of the paint required as well. As a variety of different colours were needed, Brewers Bicester helped to create the desired tints in Albany Masonry paint which is great for brickwork and keeping that all-important brightness of colour!

Despite some stormy weather during the project, the result looks fantastic. The bright colours and smiling faces on the mural will serve as a warm welcome to the children who have returned to school this month.