The Gift That Will Keep on Giving

July 31st, 2020

How one bench and a rainbow of colours can equal true friendship at Laughton Community Primary School

2020 has certainly bought about many challenges, especially for children trying to return to school. At Laughton Community Primary School in Lewes, Year 6 pupils wanted to leave their school a gift to help their younger classmates settle back into school in the new teaching year, whilst they head off to a new secondary school.

It was decided that a bench with the inscription ‘…just sit beside me and be my friend’ inspired by the beloved bear Winnie the Pooh, would encourage children who may feel a little lost or lonely to take a seat knowing a new friend would be along shortly to bring some cheer. In addition to the quote, the bench is decorated in rainbow colours and marks the date as a reminder that whilst this school year has been challenging, a rainbow can brighten any day!

The school came to Brewers for advice on the products they could use that would preserve the bench and its vibrancy. Joe from Brewers Help Desk was more than happy to help, and suggested using sample pots of Sadolin Superdec that would give an opaque, flexible finish perfect for an outdoor bench. Brewers Decorator Centre in Eastbourne were also very happy to give a discount on the sample pots for such a beautiful gift! As you can see, the finished result is wonderful, and we wish all the children and teachers who return to school in September a happy and safe teaching term.