The Ideal Coating for Render Systems

May 23rd, 2022

In a recent survey, Johnstone’s Trade discovered that almost all painters and decorators work on projects featuring silicone render systems at some point, yet 30% revealed that they weren’t fully confident in selecting the right paint for the job.

Crucially, almost half (44%) said that application benefits were the most important factor when selecting a coating for a render system. It’s therefore important to understand how Silicone Masonry paint can help you to achieve the best results when working with render systems.

Specifically, when working with silicone render systems, you can only achieve the best results by using silicone-based masonry paint. Johnstone’s Trade Stormshield Silicone Masonry paint contains silicone technology, which offers excellent levels of breathability while repelling surface water, ensuring long-lasting protection for exterior surfaces. It is ideal for use on almost any previously painted, rendered or bare masonry, with excellent adhesion and a life expectancy of over 15 years.

The survey also found that many painters and decorators (66%) are also not fully aware of the potential risks of applying non-silicone paints to a silicone render system. Non-silicone masonry paints don’t offer the same level of breathability, nor do they last as long or offer the same quality finish. To continually offer your customers the best service, and to protect your reputation, it’s important to select the right paint for the job.

For any project, drying time is always going to be a key consideration. Silicone Masonry excels in this area as it is touch dry within two hours and recoatable after twelve hours – assuming normal, well-ventilated conditions. This means it can be used time and again to complete jobs quickly, and most importantly, with a professional finish that will keep your customers happy and deliver optimum results.

Johnstone’s Trade Stormshield Silicone Masonry is also available in a wide variety of colours, which means it can be used across all projects, regardless of the desired aesthetic finish. Head into your local Brewers Decorator Centre to find out more and stock up!