Celebrating the New Memorial Garden at Sunderland’s Fans Museum

August 20th, 2021

Brewers were more than happy to donate all the materials required to decorate pebbles in Sunderland’s Fans Museum Memorial Garden.

Museum founder, Michael Ganley wanted to create a space that allowed the community to remember fans from around the world. The open to all garden encourages people who have lost loved ones to decorate a stone in their memory. If people are unable to visit the garden, designs can be created online, and a stone painted on their behalf. People from all over the world are encouraged to get in touch with the museum if they would like to design a pebble; the garden is open to all, no matter the distance.

Area Development Manager Garry Burlinson wanted to support the cause so donated Albany Masonry paint in a range of colours and some sundries for the launch of the garden, where several members of the community visited the museum to decorate stones for their loved ones.

The Fans Museum in Sunderland has a huge collection of football memorabilia for fans from all around the word to attend in addition to supporting a number of different charities. The garden will be a welcomed addition to the museum, to reflect on those lost and the positivity they brought.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch with The Fans Museum Here.