Pretty in Powder Pink!

August 16th, 2021

Catrin Stuart has a love for all things interior design. In her latest project, Cat has used Albany Smooth Masonry in Powder Pink to create a beautiful outdoor space. We got in touch to find out more!

1. Where has your love of interiors come from?

I’ve always taken an interest in interiors since buying our first flat many years ago and have always read interior magazines and more recently Pinterest and Instagram. 

We have travelled around a lot due to work commitments and moved 10 times in 10 years once! 

We did a complete renovation on our last property which I really enjoyed and as we intend to be in this house until at least our retirement, I felt confident to really put our interior ‘stamp’ on it.

2. What was your main inspiration behind the outdoor space?

The outside space was a blank canvas (with grotty yellow walls!). 

We wanted to create a space that would tie in with the inside space when the kitchen patio doors are open, somewhere we could sit and relax and entertain.

3. Why did you choose pink as your main colour?

Pink was chosen as we wanted something a bit different that would contrast well with the blue of the house and the blue & pink kitchen cabinets. There was probably a Caribbean influence too as I was born in the Bahamas.

It’s such a fun, happy & inviting colour and works really well. 

4. What’s your favourite part of the new space?

I love the feel of the pergola, it’s a really relaxed and cosy space to sit in but I also love the look of the outdoor kitchen. 

The heated outdoor shower is also brilliant after getting back from the beach or using before/after the wood fired hot tub.

We now use the space so much! 

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