Mylands colour picks 2018

November 15th, 2017

Brewers brings together advice and insights from the industry's leading interiors experts. Here Mylands colourists reveal their colour picks and predictions for 2018, with a selection of colour stories and palettes for exquisite interior inspiration.

From seasonal trend updates to colour transformations and complete schemes, colour sets the tone for 2018 with endless possibilities to update your interior.


2018 is set to showcase colour in its boldest form. Bright, bold, saturated and strong; colour makes a statement with vibrant tones and a playful feel. Canary yellow, lime green, citrus orange, peacock blue and fuchsia pink; colour is vivid and unashamed!

Mylands’ Film, Theatre and Television (FTT) collection is perfectly poised for 2018’s brightly coloured schemes, with twenty show-stopping colours and metallics. Originally developed for the big screen, these striking statement colours have been tried and tested by set designers and scenic artists, and are now available for use at home to create breath-taking colour schemes, indoors and out.

Black Is Back!

Warm neutrals, sand and charcoal tones are set to take centre stage in 2018, with black tipped to be one of the year’s statement shades. Deep and dramatic with an intensity and intimacy like no other, black can also be wonderfully restful with rich, matt shades lending a soothing sense of serenity to a busy space. From inky to indigo-infused, black comes in a myriad of tones.


Subtle hues with a nostalgic feel are a welcome temper to the coloured and monochromatic looks of 2018.

Hawthorne, lilac and elderberry tones are key to this palette which, although soft in colour, is strong in tone, creating a pretty look which can be restful or revitalising; you choose!