Together in Eastbourne: Brightening a Blank Canvas

May 20th, 2021

‘We are delighted with the newly installed artwork on the boards outside TJ Hughes. After COVID, could there be any stronger message than Eastbourne ‘Together’? Our thanks to our fantastic partners, VOLT, Eastbourne Towner, Eastbourne Borough Council, Rachel Charitable Trust, and Brewers for their support and to all our members for making this happen.’

Shoe Simes
Chair of Your Eastbourne BID

Former TJ Hughes building in Eastbourne provided the perfect canvas to create a piece of artwork encapsulating one message of the past year, the importance of working, living and socialising ‘together’. We have had to stay apart from our family and friends, and most of us have relied on others to keep our spirits up during what has been a very difficult time. We can certainly relate to the hope that we can all be ‘together’ again very soon.

Your Eastbourne BID worked with VOLT Gallery, who commissioned artist Will Mower to create a piece of artwork along the remaining hoarding outside the former TJ Hughes building. Your Eastbourne BID worked with VOLT’s Adam Spain to support the installation outside the site, on the corner of Terminus Road and Seaside Road, brightening up the area further and reminding passers-by that we are all in this together.

Local Area Development Manager Tony was very happy to help and organised the donation of four tins of Albany Eggshell paint. This provided the vibrant red background which contrasts the colours used in the typography beautifully to enhance the message of ‘Together’. The colours in the typography are also the colours used in The Brewers Towner Commission (Artist Lothar Gotz) as leftover Albany Masonry paint was used from a previous donation. Eastbourne Borough Council and Rachel Charitable Trust, owners of the site, supported the Urban Art Project as well.

On Tuesday, 18th May, Ricochet installed the final images to the hoarding and a new piece of Eastbourne’s Urban Art was complete.