W.Ave Arts Brightening Bexhill with Brewers

July 20th, 2020

W.Ave Arts, a local arts initiative in Bexhill, have set out to spark creativity and encourage discussion in the local community by creating a legal graffiti wall in Cornwall Road, Bexhill with the help of their local Brewers Decorator Centre.

Carol Cook, Co-Founder of W.Ave Bexhill, wanted to create a special space for artists, the local community and visitors to hang out and interact. The mural, located near to popular Egerton Park, has been designed and painted by local artists Michelle Printer and Anthony Elliot based upon a theme that is at the heart of Bexhill’s history. 

Michelle Printer and Anthony Elliot comment 'The idea is based on Bexhill being on a journey, in a forward motion. We wanted to incorporate movement in the piece and took inspiration from Bexhill-On-Sea being the birthplace of British motor racing. By drawing a car design based on the original cars used we wanted to give a nod to the roots of tradition here. We turned the piece in a vertical direction and mirrored our drawings as a reflection to represent the sea and using the process and mentality of working together. The aim is to demonstrate the inventive nature and community spirit that Bexhill has been built on and how this can continue into sparking an exciting and hopeful future'

Brewers Bexhill, located just around the corner, is very much part of that local community and donated 17.5L of Albany Smooth Masonry paint plus tools and accessories in support of the project.