New from Albany Wallpapers: Industrial Textures

August 8th, 2023

Embrace the urban and industrial feel with the brand-new wallpaper collection from Albany. Woods, metals, concrete and brick designs create a beautiful effect in your home.

Battersea Brick

A realistic brick effect design with weathered distressed paint and plasterwork. 

Available in White and Blue colourways.


A digital image of the end pieces of timber that create a textural wood effect. 

Available in Taupe, Natural and Beige colourways.

Concrete Blocks

A digital image of square, weathered concrete blocks with a central dimple. 

Available in Gold, Grey, Pale Grey and Off-White colourways.

Concrete Brick Effect

Weathered, concrete bricks in columns have been digitally captured. 

Available in Charcoal Grey, Pale Grey, Pale Beige and Off-White colourways.

Concrete Texture

An image of concrete with a ridged pattern giving a vertical stripe effect. 

Available in White, Grey, Dark Taupe and Dark Grey.


A plain concrete digital image with a light textured effect. 

Available in Neutral, Pale Grey and Anthracite colourways.


Galvanised metal with a weathered look creates a beautiful textural effect. 

Available in Navy, Plum and Cream colourways.

Granite Wall Effect

Neatly blocked rectangles of granite make up this light texture granite wall effect design. 

Available in Charcoal, Natural, Neutral and Grey colourways.

Herringbone Brickwork

A parquet effect with a distressed effect to the tile edges. 

Available in Green, Anthracite, Sand, Terracotta, Pale Grey and Off-White colourways.

Malay Wood

Pieces of weathered board are layered in horizontal lines to create a digital image of a textural wood wall. 

Available in Aqua, Blush and Brown colourways.

Metallic Effect

A digital image of weathered beaten metal panels enhanced with a lustrous metallic ink. 

Available in Fools Gold, Golden Shimmer, Grey Shimmer and Copper colourways.


A faux plaster and paint effect displaying brush strokes for a tranquil look. 

Available in Whites, Naturals and Blue colourways.

Old Town

A lightly textured distressed plaster effect producing a patchy, cloud like repeat. 

Available in Aqua, Grey and Natural colourways.

Rustic Brick

A realistic looking weathered brick wall design. 

Available in Blue, Rust and Neutral colourways.

Timber Effect

A digital image of lengths of reused and repurposed wood planks put together to create a vertical striped pattern. 

Available in Beige, Blue and Charcoal colourways.


An all over design showcasing different fonts set on concrete tiles. 

Available in Gold and Grey colourways.


An industrial plaster design displaying textured vertical lines for a weathered look and textural effect. 

Available in Blue, Neutral and Grey colourways.

Wood Slat Effect

A stylish wood effect design that is bang on trend. Batons of wood are evenly displayed on lightly textured hessian. 

Available in Maple, Natural, GreyCharcoal, Silver Grey and Cream colourways.

Wooden Planks

A digital image of planks of wood that creates a realistic tongue and groove cladding effect on walls. 

Available in Ebony, Redwood, Larch and White colourways.

Wooden Wall

Lengths of broken wood have been pieced together to create a cohesive, distressed and weathered wood effect. 

Available in Whites, Natural and Blue colourways.

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