Benjamin Moore’s Colour Of The Year 2024: Blue Nova 825

October 13th, 2023

Explore the extraordinary. Elevate the everyday and expand horizons through juxtaposed colour that is sure to inspire, with Blue Nova leading the way.

Inspired by the brilliance of a new star formed in space, Blue Nova 825 is an intriguing blend of blue and violet that beckons us to unknown places in search of new experiences.

This alluring mid-tone has slight warmth in its undertone that evokes a sense of comfort and reassurance, yet the violet cast brings a cosmic and mystical feel to elevate any space.

In addition to their Colour Of The Year, Benjamin Moore have also treated us to their Colour Trends 2024 palette where stories of duality are created. Using saturated, bold colours to create impact but also providing the opportunity to incorporate everyday juxtaposition; light against dark, warm and cool, showcasing complementary and contrasting colour pairings that are intriguing and unexpected.

1. White Dove OC-17: Unerring style defines this classic, softly shaded white is light and luminous.

2. Teacup Rose 2170-50: A vibrant mixture of pink and coral, this pastel hue is full of quaint charm.

3. Topaz 070: A deep, radiant orange with rich undertones of brown and red.

4. Honeybee CSP-950: This soft yellow hue is as sweet as it is versatile.

5. Pristine OC-75: Dusty rose undertones define this delicate off-white.

6. Regent Green 2136-20: A deep pine green that verges on black.

7. Antique Pewter 1560: Reminiscent of a rich patina, this green hue is grounded by a touch of gray.

8. Polar Sky 1674: A pale, crisp blue that brings to mind a winter morning sky.

9. Hazy Lilac 2116-40: A hint of gray brings moody allure to this midtone violet hue.

Available now at your local Brewers Decorator Centre or online.