Brush Mate gets a makeover!

October 24th, 2019

The original Brush Mate wet paint brush storage system has had a makeover! 

Cheshire based business Brush Mate, has unveiled new branding for their Trade 20 and Trade 4+ wet paint brush storage range. Having been a workplace essential with painters and decorators for over 50 years it was ready for a makeover, along with the rebranding, the Trade 20 metal lid is now back to its recognisable Brush Mate orange! 

The Trade 20 and Trade 4+ are perfect for storing wet gloss and varnish brushes. Using a unique vapour system, they keep brushes soft and pliable – ready for immediate re-use hours, days or even months later. The Trade 20 is a must have for professional decorators and the Trade 4+ is perfect for those smaller jobs or a DIY enthusiast.