Hopscotch - Earthborn's Colour Of The Year 2024

January 4th, 2024

Just announced as Earthborn’s colour of the year for 2024 is Hopscotch. Touted as the perfect neutral, Hopscotch is sophisticated and calming; a warm, chalky off-white that is incredibly adaptable. 

Hopscotch is available in Earthborn’s breathable Claypaint, durable Lifestyle, Eggshell No.17 for woodwork, and Eco Chic furniture paint finishes. 

Combining subtle yellow and grey undertones, Hopscotch moves away from the bright, bold colours that dominated the interior industry in 2023 and into an earthy colour palette that feels cosy and familiar.

Hopscotch’s softness and natural hues help to evoke feelings of comfort and relaxation in any space, no matter the style.

Shop Hopscotch online or order in your local Brewers Decorator Centre.