Supporting junior parkrun in Eastbourne

April 2nd, 2018

At the Wishtower green on Eastbourne’s beautiful seafront, an excited group of children (and organisers!) began to gather for the first Eastbourne junior parkrun - the latest location in the global series of 2km runs for 4-14 year olds.

Organised and run entirely by volunteers from local running groups and organisations, the support of the community was imperative to getting Eastbourne junior park run up and running and will be so important to keeping it going. 

Run Director, Sue Fry, gave the children their first run briefing with the most important message of “It’s a run, not a race, with a smile on your face” then counted them down with a “3...2...1” to the start!

Mr Fox was there to mark the half way turning point for the children...a lot of whom used his tail to assist their change of direction!

Brewers were pleased to support this new junior parkrun with funds for run equipment including walkie talkies.

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