6 New Colours from Fired Earth

September 20th, 2023

As Fired Earth prepare for their 40th birthday, they have carefully selected 6 new colours to add to their considered paint collection. The new colours embody all that is Fired Earth and can be encapsulated as earthy, inviting and timeless.

The Fired Earth Paint Collection brings together 126 colours, including elegant neutrals, bold accents and charming pastels, ensuring there really is a colour for every room. 

It’s not just beautiful shades that make their paint special; it’s also the fact it is formulated to perform superbly and have a minimal impact on the environment.

Discover the new colours:

Steeped in history and surrounded by the lush greenery of rural New England, Dartmouth University was the primary inspiration for the newest depth of green. 

The shade is timeless and versatile, reminiscent of the halls of an 18th century library. A hushed hue, it looks wonderful paired with a warm tone of white.

Reminiscent of a calming cup of white tea, Silver Needle is named after one of the rarest and most celebrated Chinese blends. 

A soft umber with an undertone of yellow for added warmth, this delicate shade pairs well with red-toned whites and neutrals, adding a delicate feel to a room.

Inspired by the Adobe houses of New Mexico, this decadent burnt orange is reminiscent of the architecture of Taos, located high in the Sangre De Christo mountains. 

Sumptuously warm and imbued with the colours of deep clay, this tactile colour works brilliantly with a sharp white contrast.

A tribute to the great 20th century realist, Edward Hopper, and his seminal piece ‘Automat’, this bold golden yellow has the warm spice quality of chai, turmeric and saffron. 

A comforting shade, it’s the perfect choice for bedrooms and living areas alike. Pair with a soft black for a sophisticated finish. 

A warming cloak of golden tan, indicative of the traditional camel-hair overcoats worn by polo players warming up between matches. 

Earthy and reassuring, the tawny orange shade works beautifully in a palette of tonal, plastery neutrals, or paired with elegant olive greens.

As lush as the Blue Hesper Palm after which it is named, this deepest teal shade is perfect if you’re looking to add depth and drama to a room. 

Use it alongside a dark grey for an intimate scheme or try it with bolder shades for a more striking look. 

Available online at brewers.co.uk or to order at your local Brewers Decorator Centre.