Stories Behind The Art: Boy On Phone

June 28th, 2019

The idea for this hexagon also emerged from one of the many drop in sessions run by the artists, Jack and Tom, with BeeUrban as they brought together murals for the wall designed by local residents and groups. 

Whereas several of the previous designs were painted as a celebration of the past, this hexagon was designed to show the present. 

The design was inspired by one of the local girls who feared that too many boys and girls in her age-group, teenagers, were becoming too distracted by modern technology. Her concern is that, with so much distraction in the palm of their hands, children are not looking up and taking in their surroundings, such as the beautiful park and all of its wildlife. 

To show her concerns (and also the danger of never looking up!) the group designed a clever mural. In the centre is a young lad, walking along without ever looking up, as he is completely immersed in what is happening on his phone. Unbeknownst to him, not only is there an abundance of incredible wildlife surrounding him, there is also a pong lurking right in his path! 

The message is timeless and encourages everyone to enjoy their surroundings more, taking in the beautiful scenery of the park. That or keep one eye on the ground and one on the sky!