Hop Aboard the Library Bus!

September 3rd, 2019

‘Everyone is overwhelmed by the quality of the finished library,’

Emma Bush
PTA Chair

Representatives from Brewers, Tor and Bedec were delighted to attend the grand unveiling of Baston CE Primary School’s fabulous library bus this July.

As previously reported, the library bus was the Lincolnshire school’s clever solution to burgeoning numbers and inadequate library facilities. With help and contributions from the local community and businesses, the bus finally opened its doors on 5th July, ten months after the PTA first had the idea. 

A ‘thank you launch’ was held on the Friday morning for all volunteers and businesses who helped with the renovations, as well as Brewers local representative, Colin Bird from Tor and Glen Mylcrest from Bedec. Tor products were used to renovate the outside of the bus, and Bedec products were used on the inside.

‘We all thought the project was imaginative, and absolutely wonderful,’ said John from Brewers. ‘We had a good look around inside and thought it felt light and spacious – a fabulous place for the kids to lose themselves in a book.  

‘Everyone is overwhelmed by the quality of the finished library,’ said PTA chair Emma Bush.

‘Our “thank you” day was a chance to bring everyone who helped with our journey together – and to share how amazing the library bus looks! All the children in the school came out to give everyone a big thank you shout out.’

As well as the Friday launch, the school held an open day on the Saturday for friends and family. And now the library bus is open, the PTA will be turning their incredible fundraising efforts towards filling its shelves with new adventures. 

‘The library bus has been a real “feel good” project to be involved in,’ said John, ‘Although Brewers is a national company, many people see us as local, and so our involvement in local projects feels particularly important.’