Celebrating International Dog Day with Perfect Pups Lending a Helping Paw

August 26th, 2021

To celebrate International Dog Day, we wanted to share some of the cutest companions from our decorating community that share their owner’s love for all things painting and decorating! Paws what you’re doing and show some pup-preciation for these a-paw-able pooches!

@bert_the_sausage demonstrating that breaks are essential when painting and decorating!

Otto has gotten quite used to the renovating life; our Brewers branches are very comfortable for him! Images courtesy of @ottolenghi_slow_cooker_spaniel

Stanley and his bee are inseparable! They go everywhere together and are the perfect pair when greeting guests to their newly decorated home. Images courtesy of @slamjamsar

Oscar is all about the preparation, sandpaper is essential when the substrate feels ruff!

Jasper, Hugo, Joey, and Bailey have also made friends with Brewers Bees, a bee-utiful friendship like these would put a wag in any dog’s tail! 

Caught red paw’d - the mystery of @duffmcleodpainting’s missing Albany rollers has now been solved!

Harry and Maisy taking it easy in their terrier-ific bedroom. Image courtesy of @homesweethibbs

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