Keeping it in the Family: S&J Interiors

August 25th, 2023

We know how great it is to be a part of a family business and some of you do too! We got in touch with Scott from S&J Interiors Grantham to find out more about his and his sons’ business and how everybody else in the family gets involved!

It’s lovely to meet you Scott! When did S&J Interiors start?

I started the business January 2019, of all times to start! I had left the Army in 2018 and couldn’t decide what exactly to do, until my wife suggested that with the skills I have, I should start my own business.

So, I swapped my car for a van and haven’t looked back. Jayden has been with me since the start. Just doing weekends and holidays, until he left school. Now he is full time. I love working with Jayden, we get on great. It makes me proud to see that he wants to be part of it all.

We get compliments all the time about how hard working and mature he is.

That’s so lovely to hear! How do other members of the family get involved with the business?

My wife Selina is amazing; she helps me rationalise things when I am stressed with it all. She makes all our printed workwear; she has installed the graphics on our van. She also helps with the paperwork, tax etc.

Alexis my daughter has been with us a few times now. She is only 13 but will get stuck into anything we ask her to help with. She can often be found cleaning rollers and brushes for us.

One of my other sons, Liam has also been a massive help. Designing our logo, business cards, flyers.  Anything IT related he sorts out.

Once or twice, he has even been known to pick up a paint brush if we are desperate!

Finally, my last son Kye, is just in the process of leaving the Army. He has recently been with us on a couple of jobs. He is keen to learn and be involved.

The best thing about it being a family business, is that we are all involved in creating a bright future for our family.

I hope that my 6-month-old grandson, Levi, will eventually join us.

Aww, it sounds like it will be a bright future for the family indeed, including little Levi! Have there been any challenges along the way?

Getting a business off the ground during covid was a real challenge, it took a lot of hard working and dedication. Which has definitely paid off as we are now one of the top-rated decorators in our area.

Currently the biggest challenge is getting Jayden out of bed in the morning!

Two very different challenges there! What has been your proudest job?

Our proudest job so far has to be a classroom we completed and Harlaxton Manor.

It looks great! Finally, what does the future look like for S&J Interiors?

I think the future looks great for us. Jayden came top of his course in plastering at college. Kye wants to join us.

We have more and more work coming in.

Jayden has plans to have a second van on the road in the future and expand on what we have already accomplished.

We wish S&J Interiors Grantham all the very best in their future! Have a decorating story to share? We’d love to hear from you! Please get in touch with us on Facebook or Instagram, @BrewersPaints.