The Long Man In Sussex Will Receive Another Make Over This Spring!

May 27th, 2024

Brewers were absolutely thrilled to be able to support the conservation of The Long Man in Wilmington once again with 35L of Albany Masonry Paint. This May, several volunteers will be working on the conservation of the Long Man in several sessions to ensure its longevity.

The History Of The Long Man Of Wilmington:

The Long Man is approximately 72 metres (235 feet) tall and was originally chalk but in Victorian times it was changed to yellow bricks to save it from erosion. 

In 1969, these had to be replaced with concrete blocks as the bricks were being taken as souvenirs or eroded. Nobody knows why The Long Man was created and is one of Sussex’s great mysteries!

Now The Long Man is maintained by The Sussex Archaeological Society, gifted to them by the Duke of Devonshire in 1925.

Brewers And The Long Man:

Brewers have been supporting the conservation of The Longman for many years, donating the paint needed to make sure The Long Man continues to be the incredible local landmark locals and tourists alike admire.

See how we supported The Long Man last year here:

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