Supporting World Mental Health Day With ‘Men In Mind’

October 10th, 2023

October 10th is World Mental Health Day, a day where we can raise awareness and become a driving force for positive change around mental health. At Brewers, we want to pave the way for a brighter future, so we are celebrating this day with mental health charity, Mind Brighton and Hove with their ‘Men in Mind’ campaign.

We know that men need help with accepting they need support. 40% of men polled said it would take thoughts of suicide or self-harm to compel them to seek professional help. By that time life might feel like an impossible mountain to climb. 

Men who work in construction and trades have the highest levels of suicide of any employment sector and it’s important we are a part of the conversation and solution. The Men in Mind project, set up by Mind Brighton and Hove, aims to tackle the stigma with men’s mental health and to support the community to be on the lookout for those needing help.

Men in Mind provides workshops and training on men’s mental health, mental health and suicide awareness and intervention. It is delivered by Mind in Brighton and Hove and Grassroots Suicide Prevention. 

Brewers’ colleagues will be receiving training with Mind Brighton and Hove on how to spot the signs of poor mental health, how to have that difficult conversation with your work colleagues or customers and where to go if you or a colleague need support. 

Mind Brighton and Hove are now extending their 1-hour free training course out to our customers. If you would like to get involved, speak to Project Coordinator, Peter Bray, if you or your small business would like to receive training on mental health which is aimed specifically at men. Get in touch via email or phone:

07871 855794

Training can take place in one of our stores, at Albany House in Eastbourne or online.