The Perfect Match For 2018 Colour Trend No.1 - Ultra Violet

December 13th, 2017

Mylands Film, Theatre and Television collection features twenty striking paint colours originally developed for the big screen. Drawn from their archives, these special colours are a bright, bold celebration of Mylands longstanding association with the scenic arts and our starring role in some of the world’s greatest film and television productions.

Pantone's Colour of the Year is also Ultra Violet, let’s take a look a closer look at this beautiful colour that you'll be seeing more of in 2018!

FTT-020 (Deep purple/Ultra violet)

A delightfully dark inky purple with immersive depth, FTT-020 has a regal feel which commands attention. Enhance its moody, opulent feel with metallic accents and luxurious accessories; try velvet, pewter and mirrored decorative features to reflect light, silvery tones and create a beautiful boudoir feel. Lighten with white, pale wood or jewel bright accents; intensify with dark wood for a heritage feel or add unexpected pops of colour with hot pink, or vibrant red for a modern touch.

FTT-019 (Ultra violet)

This vivid bright ultra violet colour is sure to take center stage. Strong and stylish, it works virtually anywhere in the home from living and lounging areas to a bedroom, bathroom or home office. It partners perfectly with white for a classic look; with black and white for a fabulous graphic scheme and offers the perfect backdrop to almost any colour; bright bold shades such as pink, teal, green or yellow hues will really sing and come alive. 

For the first time, Mylands Film, Theatre and Television collections colours are available for use at home - inside and out - to help create breathtaking schemes. Offered in a range of water-based eco-friendly paint finishes for interior walls, ceilings and wooden floors along with a dual purpose wood & metal paint suitable for interior and exterior use.  Create your very own theatrical set with depth, drama and beautifully authentic colour.