4 New Products Added to Brewers Fillers Range

February 26th, 2020

A new and improved range of fillers will launch across Brewers stores this February.

Building on the success of their own-branded fillers, Brewers will introduce four new products to coincide with improvements to their existing line, as detailed below. 

"We’ve worked closely with Beissier, who are well known for their high-performing products," said Elaine Christenson, leading the launch at Brewers. "This new range gives our customers a superb filler offer."

Brewers Waterproof Masonry Filler – 2kg and 6kg

This new interior and exterior filler offers excellent adhesion and can be applied to damp substrates. It can repair reinforced concrete and fill up to 15mm in a single application. 

Brewers Quick Drying Exterior Filler – 2kg

This new exterior filler dries in just three hours. It adheres perfectly to concrete, cellular concrete, cement, concrete block, brick, plaster, mortars and old painted substrates – and does not shrink or crack. 

Brewers Quick Drying Filler – 200ml

The ideal solution for interior or exterior small surface repairs, this new quick-drying filler comes ready-mixed in a handy tube. It is water and humidity resistant and ready to sand and paint in just 15 minutes. 

Brewers Flexible Crack Repair Filler – 200ml

This new ready-mixed flexible filler is waterproof, overpaintable and suitable on a range of surfaces, from concrete to ceramic tile. This highly flexible formulation has fibreglass reinforcement to prevent cracks from reappearing.

Brewers Interior Filler – 2kg and 5kg

Suitable for holes and cracks of all sizes, this improved interior filler offers superb adhesion, is easy to sand and does not shrink or crack. 

Brewers Fine Surface Filler – 1kg

The improved fine surface filler offers a very fine finish with no need to prime. The ready-mixed formula adheres brilliantly to concrete, cement, plaster, plasterboard, primed wood and old painted substrates.

Brewers Ready Mixed Filler – 1kg

This improved ready-mixed filler is ideal for small holes and cracks. It’s easy to sand and overpaintable.