The Warren: Performance Space in Brighton Filled with Entertainment and Colour

June 16th, 2021

The Warren is a multi-venue festival hub and a part of the Brighton Fringe family, an arts festival held annually in the heart of Brighton. The Warren plays host to a multitude of different entertainment suitable for all ages, as well as serving up food and drink in their festival bars. Theatre, comedy, and dance are just a few artforms showcased at The Warren between the 27th of May until the 11th of July.

Since the space is outdoors, full of people and full of vibrancy, a variety of different colours in the right finish was required for the venue. Brewers Brighton supplied Albany Masonry paint for the wooden structures so that it could withstand typical British weather conditions and high traffic. The Brewers colour matching service was also used so the organisers had the exact colours to meet their specification.