Brewers are Here to Help! Supporting Local Charity with Mouldy Walls

August 28th, 2023

We had the chance to visit the You Raise Me Up Café and Support Centre in Polegate a few months ago after one of our colleagues, Hayley Pipe walked 75km through the Sahara Desert to raise money for the fantastic cause. Whilst we were visiting, Lesley from the fundraising team pointed out some problem mould areas in the back offices of the café, so we of course jumped into action to help!

Product Specialist Tyler Downton created a specification for the job, recommending the right products and processes to ensure the mould was removed safely and wouldn’t come back. The following products were donated to the project:

12’x9’ Poly Dust Sheet, 5L Bucket, Brewers Sponges, 1L of Albany Fungicidal Wash, 2.5L Albany Masonry Paint, Albany Masonry Brush, 9” Albany Tray, 9” Albany Roller Tray Inserts, 5L Albany Acrylic Eggshell, Albany Brush Pack, 9” Albany Rollers, 9” Albany Roller Cage, 2x 2.5L Brewers Paint Kettles, Brewers Wipes and ToolKit Stirring sticks.

The fungicidal wash was recommended to kill the mould and the spores of the mould. It's important to use fungicidal wash instead of dish soap or other cleaning products because they don't kill the spores of the mould like a fungicidal wash does. The paint that was used originally on the wall wasn't going to be humid resistant, so Albany Acrylic Eggshell was recommended to reduce the risk of mould regrowth. 

You Raise Me Up's sole purpose is to raise funds to support families who have suffered the loss of an adult child between the age of 16 and 25. They provide compassion, support and are able to say, “we totally understand” rather than “we cannot imagine what you are going through". The café and support centre is integral to the charity, offering mental health support and a way for the local community to support the organisation. It is absolutely essential the building is well maintained so we were of course happy to help with our expertise and problem-solving products