Exterior FAQs

August 7th, 2023

Looking to redecorate the outside of your house? Here are our most commonly asked questions around masonry paint.

Photo courtesy of Little Greene.

What is the difference between masonry paint and regular emulsion?

Masonry paint is specifically formulated for exterior bricks, stone and render. It is also weather resistant, having greater durability and colour retention. Smooth masonry paint is easy to clean and perfect for rough surfaces such as pebbledash, whilst textured masonry paint is more appropriate for older properties which may have cracks or imperfections. Masonry paint also includes a resin that is water-resistant and has superior properties to withstand chemicals that is found externally.

What preparation is required on the house’s exterior?

Ensure the wall is clean of any dirt, grease and mould/fungi. Use Albany fungicidal wash if you do have mould or regular soap and water and allow to fully dry. 

Check for any cracks in the render. If you have big cracks, ensure they are filled with a masonry repair filler. If you have hairline cracks, use a textured masonry paint.

If your walls are powdery or porous, applying a stabilising solution will help seal the surface and provide a better substrate to paint on. If you are unsure if your surface is powdery run your finger across the masonry and if you have a powdery residue on your finger, then it is recommended to use Albany Stabilising Solution.

What finish do I need for a lime render?

Earthborn Silicate Masonry Paint is a great option. If limewash has already been applied, then you can apply the product directly to the surface. If the substrate is bare, you will need to apply a Silicate Primer, then use a second coat of Silicate Masonry Paint thinned by 20% with Silicate Primer. The final coat should be full bodied Silicate Masonry Paint. 

Another option is Graphenstone L42 Ambient primer thinned 1:1 with clean water, with second and third coats in any Graphenstone exterior product thinned 10% with clean water. 

Please contact us if you have any questions and we will be able to recommend the suitable products if you are unsure with Lime Render.

What do you recommend for exterior woodwork such as exposed timber framed buildings or wooden window frames?

If there are signs of rot, restoration work will be required. Using product such as Repair Care will restore timber, but it must be used by a trained professional.

If the timber is prepared and ready to be painted, there are a range of exterior woodcare finishes that can be used. Read our guide here>>

Does the colour I choose for the outside of my home matter?

If you’re looking to add curb appeal to your home because you’re looking to sell, opt for a neutral shade that will brighten up the exterior without scaring buyers off. A bright white or cream should do the trick!

Most masonry paint manufacturers have created colours that are specifically formulated for retention. For example, Albany have over 60 colours to choose from in the masonry range. For more advice on choosing a masonry paint colour, check out our guide>> 

If you need more advice, get in touch with our product specialists who will be able to assist! 

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