Eco Friendly Wallpapers: Get Sustainable Style With These Wallpaper Designers

January 12th, 2024

Sustainability is at the forefront for many businesses, and it’s no different for the world of wallpaper. Check out these wallpaper brands and how they are doing their bit for the environment.

Albany – PVC Free Wallpaper Collections:

Albany have launched wallpaper collections that are completely PVC free. This innovative formula relies solely on a specialised polymer with the wallpaper coating designed to be free from plasticisers and solvents. The formula is also water-based, allowing for a completely carbon neutral production of wallpapers. There are currently 2 PVC free collections: Albany Natural Living and Albany Jameela.

Raffia from the Albany Jameela collection.

Graham & Brown – Carbon Neutral:

G&B have invested over £2m in 6 digital printers within their new digital factory. The printers all run on 100% renewable energy and require no gas in the drying process.

The green machines’ benefits:

·       Print runs and stock holding can be reduced.

·       There’s no engraving of print cylinders and their associated carbon footprints are reduced.

·       Stock holding and waste is reduced significantly.

All the inks used are water-based and solvent free, and 100% of the paper is sustainable. Also working with Forest Carbon, they are supporting conservation and sustainable forest creation projects that follow and are accredited by Verra standards.

Graham & Brown Design of the Year, New Eden.

Ohpopsi – Digital Printing:

Ohpopsi are an emerging wallpaper brand and print their wallpapers digitally to order. This makes for minimal waste and the non-woven paper substrate comes from sustainable FSC certified forests with all cuttings recycled locally. All components of their wallcoverings are fire rated and carry industry recognised environmental credentials. 

Little Greene – Sustainable Wallpaper:

For a beautiful wallpaper design with a low environmental impact, Little Greene wallpapers are printed on responsibly sourced paper from sustainable forests. When they create their wallpaper, for every tree used, another four are planted. The wallpapers are also printed with completely non-toxic pigments. Even the Little Greene wallpaper paste is solvent free.

Bird & Bluebell mural from the Little Greene National Trust III collection.

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